Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What To Wear?

My wonderful sister-in-law Kim gave me a shout on the phone from NY today, asking if I could send pegs of what I wanted her and my other sisters to wear to the wedding. Figured I might as well share what I sent her with all the ladies!

Attire for the Chicas:
Printed, flowy, mid-length or maxi dresses in deep/dark reds, blues, purples, oranges + black/white
Sandals also highly recommended; the chapel is on a hill (i.e., lots of uphill steps), and the reception is in a garden, so high heels will be a hindrance (but what do I know? I only have one pair...). Hope this helps!

Feel free to ask any other questions! Also, just a reminder - the wedding is in Tagaytay, so for the non(winter)-seasoned New Yorker, it may get a little chilly. Shawls/cardigans suggested! ;)


Monday, December 29, 2008

Entry 4: Progress

1. The Rajo Laurel has finished designing my dress. It took about 34 seconds the first time, and after I changed my mind about material, 27 seconds the second time. The rest of the team? Hair and make up: Jing Monis. Portraits: Raymund Isaac. The benefits of partnering up with someone you've worked with for the last 12 years = ahhhh. So so priceless.

2. After we came to the realization that the big Manila wedding, and the whole Boracay thing was not what we wanted, Banj sat me down, and asked "What did you always dream of?". I told him a small, simple, but meaningful ceremony, and a laid back and fun reception. I kept saying "Mamma Mia minus the ABBA music". He asked me where I wanted it, and I told him there was this chapel in Tagaytay/Batangas called Caleruega, that I had my heart set on for years.

He said let's do it.
I was elated.
So I called.
March 3 was booked.


But I had showed him a reception venue online [Hacienda Isabella] which was in the same area, that he wanted to see in person. So we made the drive, with the intentions of looking for another church in the vicinity.

En route to Hacienda Isabella:

San Antonio de Padua Quasi Parish Church -
Cute, quaint, totally did not feel right.
I pretended to take pictures, but knew in my gut that if we did it there, I'd be forcing myself to justify why I liked it. At that point I realized that if I did it anywhere other than Caleruega, I'd probably feel the same way. I felt sick, but was determined to be optimistic. We got back in the car.

Instead of proceeding straight to Hacienda, Banj said "Let's stop by Caleruega anyway", which I retorted with a "Why, so you can see how perfect it is, and we can rub it in?".

He shrugged.
We drove.
We arrived.
It was beautiful.
And available on March 3.

Wow. Talk about stars aligning.
Yeeeeeeeeee boy ;)

[3:00PM - 03.03.09 - been civilly married for 3 years, Kaya's 3 years old, John Starks' number is 3, etc. etc.]

Made the down payment on the spot, and after a bit of childish running up and down the stairs, took a look at the view from part of the grounds, and for the first time, actually felt...well, bridal.

Reception venue - Hacienda Isabella:
Crossing my fingers that Banj would like it, we pulled up.
A little surprised to see an American kid named Jasper approach us. Nice ass dude. Went on to show us the grounds, and I already knew B was hooked.

How hooked?

We got back in the car:
"We can't just stay there one night."
"We should have everyone come spend the night Monday night, and stay until Wednesday night"
"Did you see that pool?"
"Wow. That place was dope."
"We really can't just stay one night."

3. We are still in the process of getting in touch with all our prospective Ninongs and Ninangs. There are 10 on our list. I've asked two of them. Let's keep score, shall we? Lol. S- 2, B - 0.

4. Sent in the text for the invitations yesterday. The people that did the Steak website are doing them. Interested to see what they come up with ;)

5. Have to drive to Sta. Clara de Montefalco in Pasay, and San Miguel in Malacanang to get original copies of my Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates. Thinking about making the trip worthwhile and going to my first ever Confession, which leads to my First Communion. Easier said than done.

6. Waiting for Erica to get back from Australia so we can round up Pam and Bea and do a brainstorming session on the bridesmaids dresses and hair/make up look.

7. "Wedding CE as of Dec 28.xls" and "Wedding Guest List.xlsb"
These are the two documents on my computer that I need to take a deep breath before I open. Dreams don't come cheap, and the balls to cut people off the invite list don't either.

8. On that note, we're doing a party at a club back in Manila on Thursday night, just so we can still celebrate with all the people that we couldn't squeeze into the 150 person cut off for the out of town reception.

9. Deliberating on when to start with the flowers/reception decor and set up/giveaway stuff. Whenever I get my act together (possibly after the meeting with Hacienda Isabella), I'll grab my Manila-present bridesmaids, along with Miss Tristan Fernandez-Cablay, Nats "Please Give Me Something To Do" Calinawan, and hopefully the Queen Bee, Ferdi Salvador, to head up to Hacienda for lunch and a brainstorming session.

10. Banj has no idea what he, or his groomsmen, are wearing. I'm deciding to not get involved on this one :)

11. Artstrong has lovingly obliged to provide dinner music for the reception. You don't even know how happy that makes us! If you haven't heard his solo keyboard old school R&B set, you're in for something truly special.

12. Still no DJ, simply because we want everyone to be able to enjoy the party. Meh. We'll figure this one out later :)

13. Church music? Keeping it in house, baby. Banjo's ultra-talented family, headed by Tita Vicky Villarino and her awesome vocals, will be singing the hymns at Caleruega. Does she know that yet? I hope so. Um, Banj?

14. Spoke to some of B's cousins in New York last night, who were figuring out their dates and flights for March. Ted goes, "Yeah, we just need to get everything sorted. It's like, 2 months away."

2 months away.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Wedding Color Palette

Entry 3: Please Press The Reset Button...

Wedding Planning Status:

St. Alphonsus - scrapped
Boracay - scrapped


We're headed to Tagaytay next week to (finally) pinpoint church and reception venues, and put a downpayment on them, just so WE don't change our minds anymore :)

Truth is, the wedding started growing into this huge, obnoxious event, and Banj and I realized it was getting farther and farther from what we wanted in the first place. So, we spent a good two hours painfully x-ing people off our guest list, and are still around 140 people over our target amount. Sucks being popular ;)


Seriously though, we're toying with the idea of throwing a party the next day, back in Manila, so that those we couldn't include on our actual wedding list, still have an opportunity to be part of the wedding celebration somehow. We'll see. As you can probably tell, decisions are being made impulsively and on the fly here, so I'm not trying to have my words carved in stone just yet.

In any case, the reception venue we're eyeing is available on March 3, but the church I wanted is only available at 9am or 6pm that date. Looking for other options, thus the drive up to Tagaytay on December 8. I'll keep you posted! Pictures and what not, to follow.