Monday, December 1, 2008

Entry 3: Please Press The Reset Button...

Wedding Planning Status:

St. Alphonsus - scrapped
Boracay - scrapped


We're headed to Tagaytay next week to (finally) pinpoint church and reception venues, and put a downpayment on them, just so WE don't change our minds anymore :)

Truth is, the wedding started growing into this huge, obnoxious event, and Banj and I realized it was getting farther and farther from what we wanted in the first place. So, we spent a good two hours painfully x-ing people off our guest list, and are still around 140 people over our target amount. Sucks being popular ;)


Seriously though, we're toying with the idea of throwing a party the next day, back in Manila, so that those we couldn't include on our actual wedding list, still have an opportunity to be part of the wedding celebration somehow. We'll see. As you can probably tell, decisions are being made impulsively and on the fly here, so I'm not trying to have my words carved in stone just yet.

In any case, the reception venue we're eyeing is available on March 3, but the church I wanted is only available at 9am or 6pm that date. Looking for other options, thus the drive up to Tagaytay on December 8. I'll keep you posted! Pictures and what not, to follow.


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