Monday, November 10, 2008

Entry 2: Snail E-Mail

Decided to forego the gym this morning (hoping Banj could work out enough for the both of us) with the intentions of setting up our e-mail account with one wondrous mass of a contact list, so updates could be sent at the click of a button. Unfortunately, setting up the address book, is in itself, one huge process... I'm lagging.

In any case, please add to your address books, so things don't shoot straight to junk mail when I finally get my system (ahem), "working".

[You know what, if you want to be super sweet, you could even e-mail me at that address, so I could just click "Add Sender to Address Book". But that's only if you're nice.]

Other updates:

- Just so you know how inefficient we are, the church is still not booked. That's on Banj's to-do-list though, so if we end up doing the ceremony in an indoor basketball court somewhere, you know...don't trip.
- Finally got the specs in to the lady handling local packages. Should get prices within the week.
- A shout out to my girls...please erase any intentions of getting a male stripper for any sort of pre-wedding celebrations...I promise you, I will never speak to you again if I end up tied to some chair with some poor awkward Filipino dude doing a body roll move in front of me, to some whack Bryan Adams song.
- On the contrary, please throw my husband the illest bachelor party ever. (Min Yoo - you have my permission to go to whatever lengths to make it 'legendary'.)
- Banj's cousin Tony has a Travel Agent he's suggesting for heads flying in from New York. Here's his post:

[For those who are interested, I'd like to refer CC's cousin (Hazel - she is a travel agent) for airline tix because her prices were about $100-200 cheaper than Travelocrappity and those other sites. They should contact her. Also, if there is a group of 10 or more, she can add a $25 discount per ticket. Our dates are Feb 27 returning on March 13 at $1110 each inclusive of taxes.

Let me know ASAP / 917.678.3579]


- We also sat down with two of my favorite artists, Rex & Joyce of Inksurge, the other day to brainstorm about invitation designs. After 5 minutes of trying to describe what we wanted, Banj and I just looked them, laughed, and said "just do your thing". They're the masterminds behind our Steak website [], as well as the cover for the urban music compilation album we produced [The Urban Discovery Project], so let's just say, we know what they're capable of.
- I'm so not excited to compile addresses for mailing. But am so excited to finally get the invitations to you.
- I'm going to go add Banj to the list of authors for this blog now, so you can hear from him as well :)

Check ya later....

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~*ThEa*~ said...

wait... so Banjo can have a half-naked, poor awkward Filipino dude doing body rolls in front of him while he's tied to a chair, and we can't do that for you??? (you DID say LEGENDARY, right?)

That's just not fair... *shaking head*