Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Entry 5: "Progress".

Invitations; not designed yet. Am twiddling my thumbs, and beginning to wonder if I should do it myself.
Guest List; still way too many people.
My Dress; after all these years of modeling, fittings, fashion shows - you think this would be just another trip to Rajo's. But slipping into that dress today, and everyone collectively smiling, and saying "Wow, perfect...", and it really, actually feeling perfect?! [Insert sound of heart soaring here]. And my goodness; to think that was only the lining I tried on.
Kaya's Dress; purple - what else? ;)
Banjo's Suit; an extremely fruitful trip to Joey Samson yesterday resulted in Banj finally deciding what color he's going to wear, and what his groomsmen are going to wear too. Yay!
My Bridesmaid Dresses; swinging over to visit with Lyle (IbaƱez) as soon as he gets back from Malaysia next week.
Food Tasting for Reception; Still being scheduled. I'm worried/scared. Sat down and wrote out my ideal menu, and it looks nothing like what they plan on serving....I'm really hoping we can schedule it while Chesa is here. It would comfort me beyond belief to have her opinion and advice, like you don't even know.
Color Theme; Plum, Orange, Brown, Raspberry.
Ninongs & Ninangs; score update? S -4, B - 1
Everything Else; I'm getting the Dream Team together this Saturday to help me streamline things and take a leap forward in the wedding planning. I have an Events Company, and access to my Production Managers, Set Designers, Stage Suppliers, the works...but for this event? I would much rather have my amazing friends sit and sew, and glue gun, and brainstorm, and bake, and laugh, and cry, and argue, and eat, and drink, and print, and tie, and arrange, and shop, and just BE WITH ME, every step of the way. [Remind me to ask Mom if there's a Saint to pray to for 'Patience and Understanding of Friends in Times of Extreme Stress'.]

Other wedding-related randomness:
- Casey is coming out of VJ retirement, and will be hosting the reception. I suspect I am in for laughter, tears, and a good deal of trouble. I wouldn't have it any other way (except maybe if Belinda could make it, and host with him. Awwww. Will miss you Bee!).
- I have successfully Facebooked friends into slaving away at my wedding, when in reality, they should be enjoying themselves. Shout out to Jay Lara, who has agreed to snap away at the wedding alongside Raymund I. - Awesome!
- Speaking of pictures, I made my first jab at my self-imposed cardio routine last night, just so I can drop this Holiday Foie Gras weight, and get right for March. Went okay. I'm hitting the gym to do some light lifting in the morning.
- I don't know if I want to rent a bridal car. There's something strange about paying for a car for 2 hours, primarily just for picture's sake, that is a little "meh" to me.
- My Ring Bearer and Coin Bearer are booked, and ready to par-tay! Thank you to Mafae and Nic, and Julie and Tony, for allowing your boys to be part of our entourage :) [Joy, if you're reading this, you know I'm still leaving Bible Bearer open for Jakes....]
- Drove all the way to MalacaƱang yesterday to get my Confirmation Certificate, and of course - Monday is the only day the Parish Office is closed. Oh well, Take 2 next week...
- Pre-Cana at Caleruega! 2 hours, 1 session. And I heard the Priest is fantastic :) Can't wait to get our schedule.

Okay, going to go figure out church songs now. I will catch YOU, later.



Cristine said...

17 days! i think i'm totally following our lead. i haven't given my job my vacay days yet and i gotta shop for a dress!

some love, from a fellow last minute-er!

tee said...

woo hoo