Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reverse Blogging; The Bridal Shower

It all began with a slip.

See, I was traipsing around ABS-CBN's 8th floor, which also happens to be the home of CCPMG. What the heck is that, you ask? It's the Kapamilya's Cable Print and Media Group (I know I'm missing a "C", but really, don't think it stands for anything), which basically houses everything from the Velvet Channel, to Cinema One, MYX, and all the ABS-CBN glossies, including...dun dun dun dun - Metro Weddings.

Anyway, by this point, I had already asked Chris (Lopez) to be a Ninang for our wedding, simply because from MTV days to the newer Velvet days, she had always been real, and supportive, and always took interest in what was making me smile/frown. Chris and I had shared some good years together, and after seeing her come into the office day after day during her pregnancy, I knew there was something about this woman that I could learn to learn from. But I digress.

So anyway, I'm on the 8th floor, and someone comes up to me with a series of questions about my wedding - what's the theme, what are your colors, who is your Maid of Honor, can we have her number? I was a little taken aback, and I guess this lady in front of me sensed it, and to appease me says, "It's for your bridal shower. We're planning it for you..." - which was a wonderful surprise, until Love (my effervescent Production Manager) hisses at her in passing, with "It's supposed to be a surprise...".

To make a long story short, in the weeks leading up to the "surprise" bridal shower, I learned more and more from various unassuming people; a friend told me when it was ("I'll see you on the 21st!"), another told me where it was ("Girl, this whole time I thought it was Shangri-La Makati - good thing I read the invite and saw EDSA Shang"), and an intern told me excitedly that she was going to be doing registration for the event, which only let me know that this wasn't going to be some little get together.

I was right.

February 21, 2009
Banjo drives me to the EDSA Shangri-la, where I walk in, hit up Margaux on the celly, and ask her where exactly I'm going. She says poolside. I get to the pool, and go;

"Oh, look - there's some sort of event. But I wonder where they are?".

Lo and behold, "the event" was my bridal shower.

Event Styling by Henry Pascual

Free Facials and Make Up by Guerlain

Booth by Unarosa

Cake and Mini Cakes by Judy Uson

Chocolates by Chocolate Confections

Me with Ninang Chris;
Free-flowing Wine and Champagne by the CAV Wine Shop
My dress by Arleen Sipat of Salsatrends

Photobooth Pictures by Baicapture

Portrait by Gigi Lapid

And not only surprise visits from my husband, Banj, and former co-VJ at MTV, Marc Abaya...
But a surprise performance from Out of Body Special!
[My bridesmaids knew I would flip out - and I did!]

Goody Bags by Aranaz

Invitation Design by Wink

So, as you can tell, it was a surprise well worth spilling. My thanks goes out to everyone at Metro Weddings; from the cover shoot to the bridal shower - you guys always know how to make things extra special. I won't be getting married again, so I can't say "hope to work with you again soon", but I do hope other ladies out there get a little slice of what I did from the advice you give in your magazine!

Ninang Chris, Love, Anne, Bebeth, Michelle, and everyone else who could have been doing something other than planning this shower - you guys rock, and are truly appreciated!

To all the partners - EDSA Shangri-La, CAV Wine Shop, Salsatrends, Guerlain, Unarosa, Chocolate Confections, Baicapture, Aranaz, Gigi Lapid, Henry Pascual, Judy Uson, Out of Body Special - thank you so much!!!!

To Frank - for making an AVP that seriously made me cry, Salamat!

To Banj and Marc - surpriiiiiise!

To my Bridesmaids and the ladies that were there - I love you girls; you know that. Now how do we replicate this for the next party? :D


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