Monday, March 30, 2009

Reverse Blogging; Thoughts on Wedding Blogging

This 'Reverse Blogging' series is all a product of one of the most discombobulating notions I've come across. When you are (crazy enough to choose to be) planning your own wedding, and are not excused from regular duties of motherhood and career; plus have decided to make majority of your guest list a smattering of people from across the globe [that you will later feel horrible for not spending enough time with] - really, how is Blogging about it all, even possible?!

My answers:
a) You are the type of person that finds solace and organization through writing
b) You actually DO have a wedding planner
c) You have someone writing for you
d) You are normal, and started planning your wedding more than 8 weeks before your chosen date
e) You are doing it in the "proper" order - meaning, you are not already civilly married, and with children, and really actually DO have time to do all of this stuff...

In any case, I couldn't handle it, and so am now relegated to retelling events transpired, retrospectively. This means that things will be a little more detached in terms of emotion, but maybe that's a good thing :) You don't want to know how blasé I was, because it's not recommended...;)


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