Monday, March 30, 2009

Reverse Blogging; Get A Wedding Planner

There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing things on your own, but unless you're blessed with incredible people around that have done this all time and again, there are little things that may be overlooked, simply due to lack of experience. I can't even imagine what could have gone wrong if I didn't have my "Dream Team" around me; a group comprised of wonderful girlfriends, who were all very hands on with their own weddings [not to mention a majority of our group's children parties, baby showers, etc.] *Tristan Cablay, Michelle Cariaso, Girlie Castro, Julie Dela Cruz* + the sole person in our group that can singlehandedly plan a party, coordinate everyone's whereabouts, all while cooking, setting up, and entertaining (this is for our wonderful extended family of about 50+ people) *Nats Calinawan* + my perpetually laughing and singing bridesmaids *Cynthia Kurleto, Erica Paredes, Margaux Cortez, Leila Amerling, Thea Arvisu, Jena Daza, Kristine Fernandez* + my fairy godmother through this entire wedding process, who calmly and deftly addressed my spiritual, logistical, and palatable needs (guided me from a Catholic perspective, helped me make MANY decisions, provided her home as my refuge when things began to get hectic, fed me well constantly, and prepared the canap├ęs for the actual reception) *Chesa Zimmer* + my the wonderful women in Banjo's family, namely Tita Gela, Tita Pia, Ninang Baby, and of course - my mother-in-law! Thanks also goes out to *Manina Jose, Mafae and Nic Belasco, November Tan, Osang Yulo, and Bea Constantino* for being lifesavers and contributing/hauling/laboring/shouldering/delivering one thing or another - mostly the night before/actual day of the wedding :D And to Froi Raymundo, our Steak Productions Production Manager, who between him and Leo, kept suppliers organized, fed, and paid - salamat po!

From shopping trips to Divisoria (handled by the Divi Queens Girlie and Michelle), to crafting sessions (which, at Tristan's house, consisted of yummy fish tacos, Sangria, and the occasional sliced and bleeding finger [the corks came out fantabulous!]), to staying up the entire night on the eve of the wedding (so much so that they didn't even make it to the ceremony, let alone the reception) - these individuals (who I call my bridesmatrons), not only kept my sanity at bay, but made me smile, and actually let me ENJOY the fact that I was preparing to get married. Plus, it was breathtaking to see what creative and handy, versed and talented, able and willing, meticulous and determined, friends I have :)

Handcrafted 'Horseshoes' sign.

Tristan & Ember nursing Margaux's sliced finger.
(By the end of the evening, Ember too, cut herself, and by the time of the wedding - Tristan joined the list of casualties!)

Maybe not so smart to drink and use knives after all...

Come the actual wedding day, I had suppliers asking who "those girls" were. When I said, "who the PBA wives?", they were floored, and mused on how my girls needed to put together their own Wedding Coordinating business because of the excellent ideas and execution. I agreed, and continue to agree, wholeheartedly :D Ladies (and Nats), you are wonderful. My eternal appreciation, debt, and gratitude go out to you.



Erica said...

Now I KNOW you don't love me! You forgot me boo to you! No twisties! ;p

Sarah said...

*hand to forehead*

but in my defense, had you done something other than tinker with the ipod and alcoholic beverages all night, while everyone was doing manual labor, maybe i would have visualized you better. lol.

i love YOU aycs!