Monday, March 30, 2009

Reverse Blogging; The Pre-Nup Shoot

So, in the throes of wedding chaos, and me trying to source out the best suppliers for my not so run of the mill taste/needs, I found myself sitting down at Seattle's Best, High Street, one evening, with wedding video masterminds, Threelogy.

It began via txt;
s - hey cj, i'm here na - you?
cj - we're inside
s - what are you wearing?
s - sorry, that sounded bad. lol.

In a nice little sit down, throughout which CJ (and later, Bong), were completely amicable, fun, professional, and unflinching (even when I abruptly screamed [no, shrieked] upon seeing a mouse scuttle behind the couch), I knew I had found "the guys" to do the video.

[I'll type more about the wondrousness of Threelogy later, but for now, let me continue into what was soon to become our Pre-Nup shoot...]

So, everything goes beautifully, when Bong says, "Our friends heard we were meeting with you, and in case you didn't have a pre-nup scheduled yet, were offering to shoot you....have you heard of MangoRED?"

Have I heard of MangoRED?! Are you kidding me? What self-respecting about to be bride, hasn't done internet research and seen the breathtaking works of Threelogy and MangoRED?

I squealed.
Uttered a bunch of "OMG's".
Then breathed.
Then said, "But of course."

And there you have was written :)

Thank you's are in completely in order for the most unprecedentedly rugged and spontaneously creative pre-nup shoot in history ("Pre-nup - Cubao Expo?!" - YESSSSS!)

The magical pieces of the puzzle are as follows:
MakeUp {Xeng Zulueta} & {Madge Lejano} of theMakeUpStudio
Hair {Angel Salian} of theMakeUpStudio
Styling {Geof Gonzales}
Video {Threelogy}
Couture / Veluz, Niko for Veluz, Geof Gonzales, Mike Lavarez, Cheetah Rivera
Location {Mogwai} c/o Direk Erik Matti / {Sputnik} c/o Lyle Sacris / {Karma} c/o David & Mai Kaufman

For more of our MangoRED pre-nup shoot.
For the feature of the pre-nup shoot on

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